Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dark Tide

Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes
5/5 stars

I'm baaaack! =) And boy do I have an incredible book to share with you all. Remember my review of Into the Darkest Corner, AKA: The Scariest Book I've Ever Read?! (If this isn't ringing a bell, you had better check out that review and read that book!!) This is the second novel by Elizabeth Haynes, British author and police intelligence analyst. As soon as I finished her debut novel, I couldn't wait to read more of her work; I was so excited to get my hands on this novel a few weeks ago from my local library, as it is brand new in the U.S.! Dark Tide had a completely different plot than her first novel, but packed just as much suspense.

 It follows the story of Genevieve, a young British woman who has recently purchased and moved into her dream home: a houseboat. Named "Revenge of the Tide", the boat is a perfect escape for our heroine, who is taking a year off to fix up the boat and take a break from life. However, after her "housewarming" party a few months after she moves in, an old friend turns up at the marina...dead. We come to find out that Genevieve has an interesting past that includes being a dancer on the weekends at a gentleman's club in London, in addition to her sales job, in order to save money for the boat. Genevieve came in contact with some shady characters while working at the club, and despite wanting to spend her year off in peace and leave the past behind, it seems that this is not an option. The novel flashes from the present back to the year or so before during which Genevieve tried to balance her two jobs, as well as figure out her relationships with those at the club...who is a friend and who is a foe? Who might be worse than a foe?

Haynes impresses once again with her suspense and multidimensional characters. Genevieve is quite different from the heroine of Haynes' first novel, but that just proves that the author has more than one good story in her. I haven't read anything like this before, and I just ate it up. The flashbacks to Genevieve's time at the club were so interesting to read about, and the present day drama that she dealt with made the book a page-turner. As you get closer to the end, the suspense and danger build, until you have to stay up all night until you finish the book and find out what will become of Genevieve and those she holds dear. The idea of having a houseboat as the main setting was definitely out of the box and I loved it. While Genevieve seems to be in her safe haven, she's also so vulnerable, out there in a marina in the middle of nowhere.

Overall, this book was a fast-paced, sexy thriller and I loved it! I can't wait to see more from Elizabeth Haynes, and I will be sure to review anything else I read by her. Happy reading! =)

Note: Haynes' third novel, Human Remains, is out in England but will likely take a few months to be released here, as with her previous novels.

What I'm reading now...

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