Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book #70: Every Day

Book #70: Every Day by David Levithan
5/5 stars

It's been over a month since I read this fantastic novel, but I'll do my best to remember all the details! I loved this novel, and after my first experience with David Levithan's work, I am excited to try more of his novels, especially Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which he co-wrote with John Green...what a dream team!

This is unlike any novel I've ever read, YA or adult. Every Day is the story of a person named "A", who wakes up every day in a different body. A has no gender, which is a confusing concept at first, but part of what makes this novel and Levithan in general so great. Why give A a gender if A doesn't need one? So every day since A can remember, he/she has woken up in a different body, the only predictable part being that he/she is always the same age as he/she moves grows up. For example, A will not wake up one day as a 6 year old and the next as a 50 year old, but will still continue to grow up. This is the only life that A has ever known, so A is used to it, until A meets a girl named Rhiannon. While in Rhiannon's boyfriend's body for one day, A makes a connection with her, deeper than any relationship A has ever known. A cannot forget about Rhiannon, but the next day, A wakes up in a different body, away from Rhiannon. A makes it a point to try to find this amazing girl each and every day and try to convince her of the situation that he/she is in, and of his/her love for her. The love A has for Rhiannon transcends gender, location, everything. Will the two ever be able to be together, though, due to A's condition, as it becomes more and more difficult for the two to spend time together without disrupting the lives of the people whose bodies A is borrowing each day?

It is ridiculously hard to explain this novel, because of A's lack of gender as well as the strange situation presented, but I assure you, it is not confusing to read, and so worth it! It is such a different kind of story, a refreshing new novel. I became so invested in A and Rhiannon's relationship and wanted it to work so badly! The novel often made me think of The Time Traveler's Wife, because the two have so much in common, with a relationship being disrupted by strange circumstances. I would definitely suggest giving this novel a try! You might just be pleasantly surprised! =)

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